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Travel/Van Information

Travel Information

Our journey will be by road via the Euro-Tunnel Shuttle service.

Throughout our journey your pets will have regular 'potty' breaks and leg stretches at pet friendly service stations with fenced areas for their safety.

We use 2 restraints to keep everyone safe - a anti-escape martingale collar and lead also a slip lead to ensure complete security.

We provide your pets with top quality dog food and treats throughout their trip with us.

With our top of the range tracking system you will be able to follow our journey every step of the way!

Van Information

Our professional fully equipped van has the luxury of temperature control to keep your pet comfortable throughout their travels.

We have a camera system installed so we can keep an eye on your pets 24/7 while travelling.

Your pets will be provided with a spacious pen equipped with water, vet bedding for comfort and a puppy pad for those little potty accidents.

If you would like to provide your pets with their own blankets for their journey, you are more then welcome to.

Unfortunately we are unable to allow your pets to travel with toys for safety reasons.

If your pet has any special requirements or medication please make us aware at the time of booking to guarantee we cater for them correctly.

Prices and Locations

All prices listed include Traces Kennels, Export Health Certificate, Customs Fee 

and Import fee (minus 20 GBP which is billed direct to you from HMRC)

* Please contact us for a quote *

If you have any questions regarding the meeting points please do not hesitate to contact us 

and we would be happy to accommodate a location not listed above.

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