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Booking Information/Terms & Conditions


  • The booking form must be completed in full and returned to us along with Passport pictures and 50% deposit to confirm the booking.
  • We must receive a scan of the Microchip and Rabies vaccination page's from the pets passport at least 21 days before pick up date.


  • Rabies vaccinations must be up to date and within the valid time frame stated on your pets passport.
  • If the vaccination has lapsed a new vaccination needs to be administered, please note your pet will NOT be allowed to travel within the first 21 days (starting from the day after the vaccination).
  • Dogs must have been administered a worming tablet by a registered vet the day prior to travel (not before). This must be added to your pets passport - Product name, Date/Time, Vet signature and stamp are obligatory when travelling into the UK - For travel within mainland Europe we would still advise to keep your pets worming treatments up to date.
  • The timing of the above two points is crucial. If completed too early or late then your pet will not be able to travel and your booking will be cancelled.
  • With all pet transport, there are risks involved with transporting animals. Those risks tend to increase with older pets, anxious pets or those with certain medical history. It is imperative to the health and comfort of your pet that you disclose any known past or present medical, health or behaviour issues.
  • By signing the booking form you are giving us permission to take your pet to a qualified veterinarian in the event that they become unwell during transport. Should this be necessary, we will make every effort to contact you prior to seeking emergency action. However if you can not be reached to approve the emergency treatment we will use our own discretion to ensure the well-being of your pet. All costs for veterinary care will be your responsibility.
  • Rescue Dogs and Cats entering the UK are subject to a VAT charge of £20 per dog and £12 per cat, the importer/adopter is responsible for this payment.
  • If any of the above travel requirements are not met then your pet will be refused transport. This will result in a forfeit of the full amount paid.
  • Puppies must be a minimum of 12 weeks of age to be administered rabies vaccination, they have to wait 21 days before travel and be no younger then 16 weeks of age at the date of travel. 
  • Whilst we aim to deliver your pets on time, we can not be held responsible for delays beyond our control.


  • A 50% deposit must be made at the time of booking, along with the relevant paperwork.
  • Remaining balance must be received 7 days prior to pick up date.


  • Any cancellations must be notified 21 days or less of the scheduled collection date, this will result in a forfeit of the deposit paid.
  • Your deposit will be refunded if the cancellation takes place 22 days or more before the scheduled collection date.
  • Any changes made 21 days or less of the scheduled collection date may result in an additional cost.
  • Failure to provide correct documentation as stated on booking form will result in forfeit to pets travel and monies paid unless notified within 72 hours that documents can not be obtained. 

UK and EU Approved Licences 

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